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Support the local zine you love! Each issue costs about $300 to print, and that doesn't include labor, gas, and time. Your show of support matters so much! Every time someone emails or contributes, it feels like a giant happiness bubble has welled up inside my heart. Creating a printed magazine is so different from the act of digital creation: There are no immediate metrics, no likes, no loves, no data of any kind absent the occasional email. If you aren't in the position to offer monetary support at this point in time, please shoot me an email and tell me what you like (or don't like) about Almanac of the Chathams & the Dutch Towns, ideas you have, artists you think I should collaborate with, honor stands I should cover ... ANYTHING!

It's knowing that you're out there that matters so much to me. Thank you! - Ann Sublett, publisher, editor, writer, designer, web flak of Almanac of the Chathams & the Dutch Towns

Support Almanac of the Chathams & the DutchTowns

SKU: 1000
  • As of this point in time, this "item" is not actually an item, but rather a way for you to help offset the printing and production of Almanac of the Chathams & the Dutch Towns. Thank you so much for your support!

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